Most Overlooked Value That Realtors Can Provide For Home Sellers

More homes are purchased online without seeing them in person than ever before. The reliance on quality photos, videos and the ability of the realtor to market them to the largest audience possible is critical to selling your home. Realtors are responsible for establishing a social media presence with a large follower base or risk their listing to be literally invisible to the world. How do you decide what Realtor has the potential to market your listing to the largest audience on social media? This is something just a couple years ago you might not have cared about but today should be your number one question. There are a couple different metrics that you can research to get to these most important statistics. 

Facebook is Still The Number One Social Media Platform

Number one in the social media spectrum still is Facebook or now called Meta. It has the largest number of active users and remains the number one place to market your home. Most sellers will research how many followers or likes a Realtor may have. This is an important aspect to the value a realtor has but not the most critical factor. You should also look at previous listings that the realtor advertised. How many individuals they reached and viewed their listing is all available at the bottom of the video. Local Traverse City Realtor Amber Cyman has mastered the art of getting the highest amount of attention for her clients. She has had posts reach over 2 million people. With many of her videos getting over 100,000 views. “Getting high scale traffic on listings is a long term goal as a social media influencer that requires patience and a commitment most people can’t comprehend. The constant thought and research to provide value to your followers is huge. As soon as you invest less energy the community will notice and ask in public what has changed. It is kind of similar if you could imagine to being a politician or celebrity as you are recognized at the grocery store, bank, park and at your kids school. It really helps to bring real value to the community through local news/ insights and definitely helps when you are trying to spread the word on a house.” say Traverse City Area Realtor Amber Cyman. Below are some examples of social media analytics that Amber Cyman provides for here potential sellers. 

Amber Cyman Realtor Trvaerse City Social Media Statistics 2
Traverse City Realtor Amber Cyman 3

Just Like Asking For A Resume & References. Ask For Social Media Analytics!

Just like hiring a professional for any other job you need to have the proof that your home will be seen by the highest potential number of buyers. The best way to do this is to request that your interviewing Realtors provide an updated Social Media Analytic Insights that they will be sharing your listing on. If you get an extra 10,000 views on your listing it is not out of this world to imagine getting at least a couple extra offers from those individuals. Then you have to contemplate the potential 10-30% higher offer you could receive from the extra competing offers. This is especially true if the staging, video and social proof reflect the desires of competing party psychology to buy that home. For example if you are buying a house and you see that it has 100k views, 25k likes and has been shared over 100 times you maybe more motivated to put in a higher price offer than a home that has no video and does not seem to have any interest from other buyers. Even though Northern Michigan real estate is in high demand, social proof adds that extra bit of rarity that can bring your home a higher offer. Traverse City Realtor Amber Cyman is an expert at displaying your listing in a light that can help it reach its highest potential through social media. When it comes time to sell your home make sure to call the #1 realtor on Social Media in Michigan, Amber Cyman Real Estate!