Traverse City Horse Shows Impact On Williamsburg, MI Property Values

Last Thursday Acme Township officials said they would shutdown the Traverse City Horse Shows if they did not comply with Acme zoning rules. Acme Township says the horse shows were aware of zoning violations during last years show but still allowed the event to go on. The township has said that they do want to see the horse shows go on and be successful but that the horse show needs to come into compliance. Yesterday Traverse City Horse Show responded on their website by saying that all upgrades to the facilities have been approved and to assure all involved that the horse shows will be open on June 8th. 

What You Need To Know About The Traverse City Horse Show

The Traverse City Horse Shows has by no doubt been one of the greatest economic drivers for Williamsburg, Michigan and is impacting local real estate prices. Locally there have been discussions of many new developments in the Acme Township & Whitewater Township areas. These include possible large scale projects with high density housing on Moore Road, Crisp Road, Baggs Road, Williamsburg Road, and Elk Lake Road. Many of these projects are connected to the Traverse City Horse Shows as the local inventory of homes has struggled to keep pace with the volume of housing needed to support the teams and workers that are employed at the horse shows. These developers are waiting for the passage of House Bill 4722 & Senate Bill 0446 which effectively bar Michigan communities from regulating short-term rentals as a matter of zoning. So far the Michigan House of Representatives has approved the legislation and it is waiting on the Senate to pass their version of this bill. This would probably push forward many of these projects and construction would probably boom in Williamsburg as many of these developments move forward. 

Many local residents though have good reason for concern as they wonder if the current low density housing in Williamsburg will be gone forever. “Hopefully both sides will come up with reasonable solutions for the community and we will maintain the country charm on the east side of Traverse City while providing more affordable housing and more housing options for the Traverse City Horse Shows,” says Amber Cyman local Williamsburg Realtor. Amber is the #1 most followed Michigan Realtor on Facebook. Make sure to keep her in mind if you need a local Williamsburg, MI Realtor.

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