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Amber Cyman is passionate about homes. She loves helping people find an investment home, a starter home or their dream home.

For home sellers, Amber loves to negotiate. She knows that a well prepared Real Estate Agent is the best defense against low ball offers. Knowing the comps in the area plus having strong personal convictions about doing the right thing for her clients, makes her a very effective and persuasive negotiator. If you are looking to sell your home for top dollar, Amber Cyman Real Estate can help you. 

For those that are looking to buy a new home, Amber has time and energy to commit to helping you find the ideal place. Here are several reasons why people might be looking for a new home:

  • New to the area and not sure what part of town to live in.
  • Had another child and need a larger home. 
  • Got a promotion and want a larger house a larger yard. 
  • Retiring and looking to buy the dream house on the water, in town or out in the country. 

Whatever reason you are in the market for a new home, Amber wants to be your Realtor and help you find the perfect place for your and your family. 

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