Elon Musk’s 375sq. ft. Tiny Home

There has been lots of news lately about Elon Musk and the fact that he lives in a tiny home. It was built by Boxabl and is only 375 sq. ft. With the cost of new homes at an all time high and lack of builders it is feasible to see the demand for tiny homes to go up. Elon has even shown interest of Tesla getting more into the tiny home business in the future with prices starting between $10k-$15k.

Boxabl says that within 5 years they will be assembling over 1,000 homes a year. Within the next decade they will have a new mega factory and looking to expand into multiple cities to turn out these home in mass. With over 80,000 clients on the waiting list the demand seems to be growing. “The future for tiny homes is getting more popular. Even locally we have seen more tiny homes being built. There are some zoning and building codes specifications that are critical to research. With demographics pointing to smaller households it only makes sense that homes maybe getting smaller,” says Traverse City Area Realtor Amber Cyman. Amber Cyman Real Estate is staying on top of the new local trends so they can better help their buyers and sellers in Northern Michigan.

Is Boxabl & other tiny home rated for cold weather?

According to Boxabl their buildings conform to and exceed the requirements of most any building code. They are snow load rated, can withstand fire and hurrican force winds. For northern climates they have the sloped roofs. With the foam insulation throughout these maybe the most energy efficient homes on the market. Prices vary based on specs but Boxabl says they can get you in a house for less than $50k.

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